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Hot Chocolate and Pinterest

I have to admit something.  I try my hardest not to go on Pinterest all that often.  I know that it has some great ideas and all that...but I know myself.  I'll get sucked in and never find my way out of the rabbit hole that is that world.  I would find way too many projects that would take up way too much of my time.  Whether they were art lessons to do with my toddler or gorgeous wedding designs, I'd have to do them all.  That's just how I work.

I'm helping my sister plan her wedding.  For her, I actually spent some time on Pinterest, making sure that I didn't spend more than half an hour on the addictive site.  Ohh the goodies that I found for her winter wonderland themed wedding! Baby's breath and candles, clear vases with a hint of silver, white twinkle lights scattered through out the venue...

But my most absolute favorite find is something that I'm actually probably going to do at a holiday party soon.  And I now have to have a holiday party so that I can do this....a hot chocolate bar!  How cool is that?!   With the wind chill in the 20's and the possibility of snow tomorrow, this idea is really appealing to me.  It can be set up for a quick after school gathering with friends, a fancy holiday soiree or it can add a unique touch to that wintery wedding that you're planning. 

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