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How can you Be the Light?

There are so many people suffering.  So many who need a little light in their lives.  From the homeless under the bridges, the women and children in protective shelters, the refugees from various countries who are looking for a better life and fleeing violence in their home countries....there are just so many people who need help. I wish that I could help them all at once.  My son, Austen, and I decided to do something to bring light to people during the holiday season (and hopefully beyond).  Our family is organizing Operation: Be the Light. We're hosting a supply drive for a local women's shelter here in Portland.  If you're interested in being involved, check out the Facebook page, Operation: Be the Light

Not everyone will be able to participate, and that's okay!  I just challenge you to find a way to Be the Light for someone this holiday season.  Whether it's taking a pie to a neighbor, buying a stranger's cup of coffee, helping a relative with a project....there's all sorts of ways to Be the Light.