Love for Our World

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With the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, we wanted to find a way to help.  Then Hurricane Irma happened.  Then earthquakes in Mexico and Hurricane Maria.  We strongly believe in helping others and spreading love where ever and whenever we can, which is why we decided to change our donations to a charity that could have more of a global impact instead of just focusing on the victims of Harvey.

There are so many great charities available to donate to.  After doing a bit of research, we decided to send our donations to Medical Teams International.  Based on the website, Charity Navigator,  Medical Teams International has an excellent rating. 

It's so important to us that our donations go where they can have a strong impact - which is why we chose Medical Teams International.  You can either place an order with us, with 25% of our profit being donated to Medical Teams International, or you can donate directly via their website HERE (you can also designate where your donation is going to).

Please email us with any questions and to place your order.